Profile of Dr. Lalit M. Bharadwaj

Dr. Lalit M Bharadwaj is the Deputy Director & Head, Biomolecular Electronics and Nanotechnology, Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR), Chandigarh, INDIA. He has a Master's degree and Ph.D in Physical Chemistry. CSIO has initiated a major program in the area of Biomolecular Electronics and Nanotechnology under his leadership. His present research interest includes DNA Nano Wire based Devices, Biomolecular Electronics, Microcantilever based Diagnostic Kits, Targeted Drug Delivery, Biomolecular Motors, Carbon Nanotubes, Stem Cell Engineering, etc.

He has been instrumental in project formulation and execution of a major project on Microelectronics Instrumentation jointly funded by UNDP, MIT and CSIR.

He has developed new chemically assisted plasma and ion beam etching techniques for semiconductors.

He has worked in the area high-resolution electron microscopy of semiconductors at Reims University, France as visiting scientist (high level fellowship) and professor. At Cornell University he has worked on various nano fabrication techniques including electron and ion beam writing. Before joining CSIO Dr. Bharadwaj worded as a research associate with All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Here, he developed biosensors and enzyme based haemodialyzer. At Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur he studied fast kinetic methods for trace metal analysis.

Dr. Bharadwaj has over 65 publications in the international journals of repute such as EMBO (a publication of Nature), J. Vac. Sci. & Technol; SPIE, Microscopy Microanalysis Microstructures, France; J. Amm Chem. Soc; J. Chem. Soc. (London), Nucl Chem & Phys; Talanta, UK; J Indian. Chem. Soc., Experimental Parasitology, and in reputed national and international conferences.

Dr. Bharadwaj presently heads a team of 18 Scientists and PhD Students with specialization in Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Semiconductors, Medical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Material Science, etc.

Dr. Bharadwaj's group has state-of-art molecular biology laboratory for interfacing functional biomolecules with semiconductor and other physical materials and their characterisation. The nano-manipulation facilities includes Optical Tweezer-cum-Dissector, SPM based Nanomanipulator, etc. New facilities that are being added include FESEM, SPR, Nanocalorimeter, Confocal Microscope with Correlation Spectroscopy.